Getting Started - Logging into cPanel

If you are new to cPanel or web hosting in general then this guide will be perfect for you!

1.  After purchasing your web hosting plan (If you don't have a plan click here to purchase your hosting) check your email for your login details. Alternatively click here to go to your Client Area where you can access your product.


2. Your email from us will give you a link to the cPanel login for your hosting or you can simply click 'Login to cPanel' in your Client Area after selecting your hosting product.


3. You should now be able to enter your username and password that was generated after purchasing your hosting. Lexnet recommends you change your cPanel password which you can do in the Client Area sidebar for your product by clicking 'Change Password'


4. When you first login to cPanel the most important features that you should check out are 'File Manager' and 'Softaculous' you can install software such as Wordpress instantly from Softaculous and manage your web disk files from the File Manager.


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